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Water Wise Irrigation 

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Our Services

Sprinkler repair and service

  • Broken pipe or sprinkler head?
  • Controller not working properly?
  • Valves repaired or located?
  • Spray heads or rotors watering the street, sidewalks
        or your fence?
  • System not shutting off or maybe not coming on?

    Install or Conversion

    • New system installed.
    • Conversion from spray to drip.
    • Add a zone for better coverage.
    • Add a foundation drip zone.
    • Split zones for better pressure and coverage.
    • Reroutes

    Landscape lighting

    • Installation of lighting.
    • Repair on fixtures,wiring and transformers.
    • Patio deck and path lighting.
    • Makes for a safer environment.
    • Increases property valves.